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Cork City Council building relationships in Brussels

The Lord Mayor, accompanied by the Chief Executive, is leading a delegation of councillors and senior officials to Brussels on a visit aimed at better understanding how the European Union can support the ambitious plans to grow Cork City over the next 20 years  so it becomes a viable and sustainable counterbalance to Dublin.

He will, on the evening of Wednesday 21st , travel  with the Chief Executive to Ypres where he is presiding at a wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the Great War dead in Flanders. The following day they will  take part  in a  ceremony, organised by the Friends in Flanders Field Museum, dedicated to the  men of the Munster Fusiliers at the Muster War Memorial before returning to Ireland that evening.

The visit includes  presentations by various Directorate-Generals   on EU funding programmes and schemes including Interreg, Horizon 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund. The group will also meet representatives  from the  European Investment Bank to learn about opportunities for investment in Cork.  They will also receive presentations on  EU Policy related to urban development, the environment and economic development through clusters and smart specialisation. 

The visit will continue until Thursday February 22nd.

The delegation will also meet with staff of the Irish Regional Office in Brussels with a presentation on European  Maritime Day, which Cork has been chosen to host in 2020. This is the first time that Ireland has been selected by the Council of the European Union to hold this flagship two-day conference which since its creation has become one of the key events in the maritime community’s year.  European Maritime Day 2020 will also coincide with the 300 year anniversary of the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC), one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world. have been awarded and meet with the Committee of the Regions (CoR).   

The Lord Mayor, at the invitation of Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC) in the Committee of the Regions,  will also present the outcomes of the  successful Third UNESCO  International Conference on Learning cities held in Cork last September. 

Cllr Kieran McCarthy will also be  in Brussels, separately, due to his new role as Rapporteur of an Assessment of the EU Urban Agenda in the Committee of the Regions.  As part of his role, he will be bringing a large European delegation from CoR to Cork in late March to discuss and debate matters relating to sustainable urban development. Officials and elected members  from Irish local authorities and regional assemblies are invited.

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