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Local Authority Retail Support Report

The recovery and growth of the domestic economy is central to the Government’s overall programme for economic recovery. Recovery increases disposable income, which is vital to support and grow retail sales. The retail sector in Ireland supports approximately 270,000 jobs directly while associated activities such as logistics and distribution provide much needed additional indirect employment.

The importance of the retail sector has been recognised by government in the establishment of a National Retail Consultative Forum, while the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has recently published a report on town centre retailing. Both the Forum and the Committee recognise the central role played by local authorities in supporting retail through the development and enhancement of town centres as well as through direct financial support.

In recognition of this role action, 325 of the 2015 Action Plan for Jobs stipulated the need to;

" Identify best practice initiatives which are being undertaken by local authorities to support retail at local level which could serve as exemplars for consideration by other local authority areas."

It is in this context that this report has been prepared.

This study, by its very nature, cannot cover the full range of activities undertaken by every local authority in support of retail and business generally. In highlighting examples of best practice, it seeks to offer an insight into work undertaken by local authorities in support of retail business which can be replicated by others to enhance the range of supports currently on offer in their area. The report has been prepared under the auspices of the City and County Management Association (CCMA) and the Association of Irish Local Government (AILG).

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Local Authority Retail Support

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