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Domestic Water Metering Survey

Cork City Council is commencing survey of domestic water connections in order to gather information to support the proposed roll-out of domestic water metering.

The survey will involve a council employee carrying out a visual examination of the service connection/stop-cock at each property on the public water network. It is only the connection from the public mains to the household that will be surveyed.

As a result:

  • The surveyor does not require access past the property fence-line or entrance gate, and will not knowingly enter private property. 
  • The surveyor will not be calling to doors or otherwise seeking access to property. The surveyor will not be looking for information from the homeowner.
  • There will be no interruption to the water supply and no digging or excavation will be carried out. It is simply a visual examination.
  • Surveyors will carry official Cork City Council photo identification and will have a supervisor's telephone number for verification.

Surveyors are equipped with hand held computer devices to carry out the survey, and will take a photograph of the stopcock for identification and location purposes.

The survey duration will be very short in most cases, and so the surveyor will not normally work at a location for more than 10 minutes. There will be no interruption to your water supply during the survey and no requirement to enter private property.

If a person tries to gain access to your property or home claiming to be part of the survey team, do not give them access and contact the Gardaí.

Installation of Water Meters will subsequently be carried out by Irish Water and is programmed to commence later in 2013.  

Any questions in relation to water metering (including policy, installation, charges, billing, or maintenance and operations), or the setting up and role of Irish Water, are a matter for Irish Water / Bord Gáis (Contact Number 1850 278 278.)

Contact number for the Water Services Division of Cork City Council is 021/4924145 or e-mail



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