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The Government launched the ‘Succeed in Ireland’ initiative on 08 March 2012 which aims to create 5,000 jobs within 5 years by targeting international companies and business people, who would otherwise not be reached by the State enterprise agencies, to bring new employment opportunities to Ireland. was appointed by IDA Ireland to promote and deliver the initiative by creating a platform which capitalises on the power of global connections and the Irish Diaspora.

Connect Ireland is an online global referral network that offers everybody an equal opportunity to introduce enterprise around the world to the potential of investing in Ireland. The aim is to spread the word, mainly to small to medium sized enterprise around the world, on the potential benefits of investing in Ireland. The intention is that by reaching out to friends, family and business connections in Ireland and abroad, each person can potentially introduce to a company that is expanding internationally.

How it works:

Using your connections (business, friends or extended family), find and introduce the Connect Ireland Team to a suitable company that’s expanding internationally. The Connect Ireland Team will work with such companies to bring potential jobs to fruition. If they create jobs in Ireland, you’ll earn a financial reward for you or your preferred charity.

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