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Householder Booklet Major Emergencies(238KB)

Consultation Sheet(9KB)

Trees in Fitzgeralds Park(362KB)

A map of the proposed alteration of traffic flow is available in PDF format(396KB)

Nomination Form(344KB)


Basic Life Support(844KB)

A map of the areas in question is available in pdf format (59 KB). (58KB)

makeITSecure Information Booklet in pdf format (418 KB) (480KB)

Cork Heritage Open Day Poster(572KB)

Park and Ride Timetable for Saturday 10th September 2005(42KB)

WEEE and the Retailer Final - July 2005(194KB)

Retailer WEEE Registration Form(36KB)

Connect Cork - Pat Ledwidge 27 June 05(121KB)

John White - Connect Cork Presentation 27 June '05(274KB)

Rory Gallagher Poster(301KB)

European Landscape Convention Programme of Events(218KB)


Cork City Council Presentation On The Utilisation Of Landfill Gases(369KB)

Chemcar- Free Collection Of Hazardous Waste Poster(111KB)

Cork City Council – Residents Satisfaction Survey(136KB)

Cork Volunteer Week Brochure (pdf format)(391KB)







Capital_Programme Page 1(577KB)

Capital_Programme Page 2(1,083KB)

Capital_Programme Page 3(813KB)

Capital_Programme Page 4(958KB)

Capital_Programme Page 5(1,085KB)

Capital_Programme Page 6(1,143KB)

Capital_Programme Page 7(947KB)

Capital_Programme Page 8(1,168KB)

Capital_Programme Page 9(938KB)

Capital_Programme Page 10(1,119KB)

Capital_Programme Page 11(106KB)

Expression of Interest in Affordable Housing Scheme(99KB)

Sustainable City Campus(1,613KB)

World Book Day(79KB)

Word Endures Seminar(338KB)


Cork City Cycling Strategy(36KB)

Orbital Route Map and further details(998KB)

Rory Gallagher Poster(2,706KB)

Cork St. Patrick's Festival Programme(1,473KB)

Collection of Household Hazardous Waste

Collection of Hazardous waste in Wilton

Episode 2

Householder Booklet Major Emergencies(238KB)

City Council Urban Renewal(23KB)

Free Collection of Household Hazardous Waste, 12th May 2007

Cork North Ring Road Scheme(3,804KB)

Camden Quay Patricks Bridge Contraflow

Free Collection of Household Hazardous Waste 26th January 2008