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Cork City Council reports huge rise in water demand across the city. 27th December 2010. 11.00 a.m.

Following the recent severe weather, Cork City Council is experiencing a huge rise in water demand on its water distribution network. 

The City Council is appealing to owners and occupiers of vacant premises, including shops, offices, factories, schools, apartments and flats to check their properties and to turn off the water supply immediately in the event of leaks.

Cork City Council crews and staff are working at various locations throughout the city repairing burst and leaking watermains that have occurred as a result of the recent adverse weather conditions.

These leaks have had an effect on the water supply in the city and resulted in a loss of water supply or reduced water pressure.

Cork City Council is doing its utmost to restore normal supply as quickly as possible. 

Work will continue on a prioritised basis on leaks on the system but it is imperative that vacant properties are checked and the supply cut off if required. 

The situation is being constantly monitored and updates will be issued as required.

Customers experiencing problems can call us on 4966512.

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