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New Look for Website

Following a major redevelopment project which started in Summer 2009, the Award-winning City Council website has been revamped and goes live on Friday, September 3rd, 2010.

The year-long project has gone a lot further than producing a new look for the site - the orientation of the site has been radically changed. The original structure of the site was designed primarily to convey a wealth of information in relation to the City Council and the various services it provides. The redevelopment project began by focusing on usage statistics, profiling the visitors and analysing the information that they were accessing.

"Our analysis was telling us that most of our users had found our site through various search engines and that the majority of those coming onto the site were accessing information on Cork City rather than on specific Council services. In fact the number of page visits from outside Ireland is 250,000 for 2010 to date" explained Denis O'Mahony, Corporate Services Director with the the Council.

"The potential of the site to fulfill a promotional role for the City became a key driver in its redesign. As well as improving ways of delivering information on Council services to our customers, we added other layers to the website to meet the needs of other website visitors who are looking for different types of information on Cork."

Information is now more easily accessible on travel to and in Cork, on tourism, visitor attraction, etc. The updating and tweaking processes will continue for several weeks and plans are being brought forward to further enhance functionality and to incorporate new social media platforms.

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