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Restoration of water supplies– update @ 4.45pm, 12/1/10

Freephone number 1800 283034, 8am to 8pm

Outside these hours, please telephone Emergency Number: 021 4966512


Cork City Council is continuing to work to restore water to all City premises.

It is expected that supplies to affected areas will be returned by 9.00 AM on Wednesday, January 13th. Customers in these areas are advised, as a precautionary measure, to Boil Water before use in accordance with the guidance hereunder.

It should be noted that a limited area located in the County will also be subject to this Boil Notice – refer to

The existing stand-pipes will remain in operation by the Council until lunch-time on Wednesday.

Cork City Council wishes to thank the public for their patience and continuing forbearance.


Only boiled water should be used for:

·                    Drinking

·                    Drinks made with water

·                    Food preparation

·                    Brushing of teeth

·                    Making of ice

·                    Preparation of baby feeds (bottled water should not be used to prepare baby feeds unless it is stated clearly on the bottle that it is safe to do so).

·                    Washing of cooking utensils, dishes and crockery


 General Information

Bring water to a rolling boil (e.g. as with an automatic kettle) and allow to cool Cover water and store in a refrigerator or cold place .Water from the hot tap is not safe to drink. Domestic water filters will not render water safe to drink. Discard ice cubes/ filtered water from fridges/ freezers. Make ice from cooled boiled water. Unboiled water can be used for personal hygiene (except brushing teeth and gargling), bathing and flushing toilets. Caution should be taken when bathing children to ensure they do not ingest the water. It is safer to use boiled and subsequently cooled water for the bathing of infants. Only cooled boiled water should be used in the preparation of salads, fruit and vegetables especially where they are not cooked prior to eating.

Water dispensers which are fed from a mains supply should not be used as a source of drinking water. 

The Boil Water Notice is precautionary and will remain in place until such time as Cork City Council is satisfied and has verified mains supplies.

(Map of Affected areas attached)

Boil Water Notice Area Map Jan 2010


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