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Collapse of quay wall at Grenville Place, Cork

During heavy flooding that occurred in Cork overnight a portion of the riverside wall at Grenville Place collapsed into the River Lee in the early hours of Friday morning (20/11/09).

The collapse of this section of wall in turn caused damage to the adjoining roadway.  The stability of this roadway was closely monitored by the City Council throughout the day on Friday, however given the ongoing high water levels a full engineering assessment was not possible.

As a precautionary measure, and in the interest of safety, the City Council decided to evacuate the occupants of three adjoining properties on Grenville Place.  These properties each comprise of a number of flats – a total of 43 people have been moved to temporary accommodation.  City Council staff worked closely with the residents in their move and will continue to provide support throughout the weekend.

When conditions allow, a detailed engineering survey is to be undertaken and in the meantime interim stabilisation works are being undertaken by the City Council.


Valerie O’Sullivan,

Director of Emergency,

Cork City Council,

City Hall,


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