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Lord Mayor to put Civic Pride and Personal Responsibility at the heart of Lord Mayoral visits

With the impending start of the new school year the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Dara Murphy is preparing for one of the oldest traditions of his office, that of the Lord Mayoral visit to the Primary and Secondary Schools in the city. This year sees a departure in emphasis from previous years.

 The Lord Mayor explained

 “As part of my schedule of Primary School visits I would like to promote the music and song that celebrate the history, tradition and culture of Cork. To mark the visit I will be making a gift to each school pupil of a card with the words of verses from two of Cork’s most famous anthems – The Banks of my own Lovely Lee, and Beautiful City.  It is my strong belief that every child in Cork, when leaving primary school, should know the words of these songs.

Similarly the visits to Secondary Schools will have a noticeable difference;

 “I want to acknowledge the fact that these students are young adults and will have opinions and concerns that deserve to be heard. For that reason I will be making the visits to the Secondary Schools more “interactive”. When addressing the students, I would like to focus on issues that are of particular concern / interest to them. To this end, I will be sending a template to each school in advance of my visit to allow students (through Student Council or other structure) to identify issues of particular importance.

Pride in our city is formed in the schools throughout the city. I hope this year to see and hear that pride echo through the halls and corridors of its schools.

Cllr Dara Murphy

Lord Mayor of Cork

Ardmhéara Chorcaí

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