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The Indian Motorcycle Club of Australia visit the Lord Mayor

2009 july australian vintage tour 1 

An international Vintage Indian Motorbike Rally is taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer. A group of 35 Australian Indian enthusiasts - members of  "The Indian Motocycle Club of Australia" - arrived in Heathrow Airport, London last week and are doing a tour prior to travelling to Edinburgh. The group has travelled through England and Wales.  While in Ireland they have visited Waterford and Rosslare and will also visit Cork, Killarney, Galway, Dublin and Belfast  in the coming week.

After the rally the group will return to London and then travel on to Europe to visit the World War 1 Battlefields in Belgium and Frace – important areas to many Australians.

Indian Motocycle enthusiasts exist in many countries around the world.  This is quite remarkable as these USA made machines have been out of production for more than 50 years. They were manufactured for more than 50 years in Springfield Massachusetts.  Designed by a Swedish immigrant, Indian machines represented half the world's production in the teenage years of the twentieth century.

The Indian Motocycle Club of Australia has about 200 members dedicated to riding and restoring these wonderful machines.

 2009 july australian vintage tour 2 

Lord  Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy pictured astride a "Vintage Indian" with Hanna Birthisel and her children Mason and Toni.   

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