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Cork City Libraries present lecture series on archaeology of Cork City

Archaeology Lecture Series 2009 Cork revealed:  what stones and bones can tell us

Cork City is one of the oldest cities in Ireland and this lecture series will provide an introduction to the rich and varied archaeological remains discovered in the city.
Recent development projects in the city have given the opportunities for archaeologists to explore various archaeological features. Ciara Brett, Archaeologist with Cork City Council will give an overview if these discoveries. Niamh O’ Rourke, Consultant Archaeologist, and Colin Rynne,
Industrial Archaeologist, UCC will discuss other aspects of the archaeology of the city to conclude
the series.

Admission is free, all lectures will take place in the Central Library, Grand Parade.



Cork's Hidden Past:
Evidence from Archaeological Excavations in Cork City
Ciara Brett, Cork City Archaeologist

 Tuesday, 28 April

Life in Early and Medieval Cork
Ciara Brett, Cork City Archaeologist

 Tuesday, 30 June

Cork's Medieval City Wall
Ciara Brett, Cork City Archaeologist

 Tuesday, 25 August

Churches and Burial Grounds in Cork City
Ciara Brett, Cork City Archaeologist with
Niamh O'Rourke, Archaeologist

 Tuesday, 31 August

Cork City Breweries:
History and Archaeology, c. 1650-1930

Colin Rynne, Dept of Archaeology, UCC

 Tuesday, 27 October

Cork City Libraries, 57 Grand Parade, Cork

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