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Waste Matchers website

The Waste Matchers website is a free exchange website is a joint venture between Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Macroom E. This online free service allows you to pass on unwanted goods to others. By using this website, you are helping to protect your local environment and you can save money by getting useful goods. You can browse the online database for items or set up an account and start listing your unwanted goods today.

The Initiative

Waste Matchers is an online re-use website which can be used by householders, the general public and businesses in Cork City and County.  The aim is to keep waste materials in use so that items can be diverted from landfill.  This initiative is in support of the Cork Waste Management Strategy and Cork City and County Waste Management Plans 2004 - 2009.  Re-use is a step up the waste hierarchy from recycling and will help in decreasing the amount of waste going to landfill. The initiative works on the premise that many items go to landfill that could, in fact, be re-used.  The website provides an online database for members of the public and businesses to post their unwanted materials so that others can search for items they could use.  The website allows browsers to search for ‘unwanted items available’ and to add a listing of items that they would like to give to another user. The website is free and household items are offered free of charge to others.

Benefits to Users

Users of the Waste Matchers website can: -

  • Get good quality items for free

  • Assist the environment by reusing materials rather than dumping waste

  • Save on waste disposal costs by offering unwanted items to others

The website now launched is be jointly funded by Cork County Council and Cork City Council with Macroom E managing the project on a day to day basis.

Web site:

Any enquires can be addressed to Macroom E 026-20520 or Environmental Awareness & Research Unit, Cork County Council  021-4532700 or





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