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Cork City Council steps up efforts to combat unauthorised waste collectors

The Waste Enforcement Section of Cork City Council is now using hidden cameras in an unmarked vehicle in its continuing efforts to combat unauthorised waste collectors and illegal dumping in the city. The system allows the City Council to monitor suspected illegal operators from a distance and record their activities. CCTV evidence can then be shown in Court proceedings. The Council is already using surveillance from helicopters and is considering other remote surveillance techniques.

Cork City Council advises all business and members of the public to be vigilant regarding illegal waste collectors and advises that anyone giving waste to unpermitted collectors is liable to be prosecuted. It is an offence to collect waste without a Waste Collection Permit. Any person who gives waste to an unpermitted collector is also guilty of an offence. Offences under the Waste Management Act, 1996 carry penalties of up to €3000 and / or 12 months in prison in the District Court and €15,000,000 and / or 10 years in prison in the higher Courts.

The Waste Enforcement Section of Cork City Council investigates over 200 incidents of illegal waste activities such as burning or dumping every year.

For information on permitted waste collectors, telephone 021-4924739.  To report illegal dumping or unpermitted waste collectors, telephone 021-4924299.

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