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Cork City Centre Strategic Area Plan Report launched by the Lord Mayor of Cork

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Michael Ahern, launched the Cork City Centre Strategic Area Plan Report in the Council Chamber, City Hall on Tuesday, 19th June 2007. The Report gives an overview of Cork City Council’s progress to date and future objectives for the city centre in 5 main areas. These areas are: 1) The Retail Sector; 2) Office Sector; 3) Public Realm & Movement; 4) Arts, Culture & Tourism and 5) City Centre Living.

Strategic Plan launch
City Manager, Joe Gavin and Director of Planning and Development, Kevin Terry preview the Strategic Area Plan Report with the Lord Mayor Cllr. Michael Ahern prior to the launch

The Report assesses progress to date in each of these key areas and details important objectives to be considered in the future planning of the City Centre and can be seen as a forerunner to the official review of the City Development Plan to be commenced in October of this year.

Key achievements in the last 5 years include:

Retail: There has been a significant increase in developments coming forward to deliver the required expansion of the retail offering in the City Centre. The City Centre is well on course to meet the floorspace targets set out in the City Plan 2004 and deliver key City Centre retail developments in high profile areas of the City Centre. Major developments commenced last week on the Dunnes Stores site and just yesterday in Academy Street .There is significant scope for additional developments in Cornmarket Street Grand Parade, St. Patrick’s Quay and Mc Curtain Street Of the target set for completion by 2011 34,000 Sq. m are already completed or under construction with a further 20,000 sqm in the pre planning stage.

Public Realm and Accessibility: The upgrading of St.Patrick’s Street has created a shopping street of quality, having won a Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government award for shopping street of choice in Ireland. Based upon the success of this project a rolling programme of public realm improvements have transformed other key shopping streets, including Oliver Plunkett Streetand Grand Parade, which will be completed later this year. The next 2 years will see upgrades to the streets leading from St. Patrick’s Street to the South Mall and onCornmarket StreetParnell Placeand Saint Patrick’s Bridge / Bridge Street 

City Centre Living: There has been an increase in people choosing to live in the City Centre. Those people are availing of its improving standards of amenity and high quality apartments in new and historic buildings throughout the City Centre. The population of the South Docks under the current Docklands strategy is projected to be 20,000 people or 8,700 households with an average household size of 2.3 persons

Culture, Arts and Tourism : There has been an increase in new developments to provide for the needs of the growing culture and tourism sector in the city, including institutional developments and hotels. The success of Cork City’s tenure as Capital of Culture in 2005 has provided a new impetus in this area.

Strategic Plan launch 2
At the launch in City Hall  L to R Kevin Terry, Director of Planning and Development, City Manager, Joe Gavin, Lord Mayor Cllr. Michael Ahern, Senior Planner, Ann Bogan and Senior Executive Planner, Jeremy Ward

Speaking at the launch the Lord Mayor paid tribute to the progress made to date:

“ Cork City Centre has undergone significant change in the recent past. Using the strong national economic growth of the last decade Cork City Centre has enjoyed growth in its retail offer and many other business sectors. Continued public and private investment in the city’s public spaces has rejuvenated the City Centre and improved its public image for all. Coupled with this, the City Centre’s population is on the increase and its arts, cultural and tourism base is benefiting from continued investment. The success of the City Centre is crucial to the health and vibrancy of the overall city and region and so the delivery of a thriving, living and unique City Centre is a priority of Cork City Council.

“The success of the City Centre can be attributed in larger measure to the commitment and actions of both the public and private sector who have worked closely to help ensure the City Centre’s potential is harnessed in a sustainable way. Cork City Council is committed to ensuring that the successes of the recent past are built upon and a progressive, inclusive and sustainable vision for the City Centre is developed and implemented. The City has undergone great change and this momentum is likely to continue, with the consolidation and strengthening of the City Centre and emergence of a new and dynamic urban quarter in Cork’s docklands.

“I welcome the publication of this Strategic Area Plan report for the City Centre and support the long term objectives contained within it. The future for Cork City Centre is bright and Cork City Council will continue to play its part in developing Cork City as a thriving, living and unique city of international renown.” 

Office: The City Centre has seen a major expansion in office property choice within the central area, with development completions and proposals coming forward in the eastern expansion zone of Lapp’s Quay / Civic Quarter, and on Lavitt’s Quay. Office growth has significantly exceeded the targets set out in CASP. 

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