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Flood Precautions Cork City

Advance Notice

A natural cycle of unusually High Tides is predicted in September on the following days and times.


Thursday 7th September 2006 18.11 PM
Friday 8th September 2006 06.32 AM 18.55 PM
Saturday 9th September 2006 07.14 AM 19.38 PM
Sunday 10th September 2006 07.57 AM 20.19 PM


The peak tide is predicted for Saturday 9th September, evening.

Adverse weather conditions such as Heavy Rainfall, South Easterly Winds, and Low Barometric Pressure, if they occur, increase the predicted tide levels further.

During these tide periods there is a danger of flooding in the City. It is possible that flooding may occur in the low lying areas of the City Centre, and including Lavitts Quay, Kyrl’s Quay, Union Quay, Trinity Bridge, Sawmill Street, Cotter Street, Stable Lane and areas adjoining. Precautionary measures should therefore be taken to protect property.

Further Information can be obtained from
David Coughlan
Drainage Section
City Hall

The websites listed below contain useful information in relation to flooding, flood preparation and tidal prediction.

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