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Car-Sharing in Cork City: Access to a car without the hassle of owning one!

Car-Sharing in Cork City: Access to a car without the hassle of owning one!

Cork City Council, Traffic Division is considering the feasibility of the setting up of a car-sharing service (or "car club") in Cork City.

Car-sharing in urban areas is a cost-effective alternative to owning your own car. It allows people access to a car when they need it, from a place near their home or workplace. The car can be used for short trips lasting as little as an hour or booked for a few days. You only pay for the hours you keep the car and the distance you drive.

The advantages of car-sharing are numerous:

  • Easy to use: after registration you just book it, jump in the car and drive away.
  • Flexible: book a car for as little as an hour, on-line or calling a booking centre.
  • Affordable: just pay for the time the car is in use and the distance driven.
  • Planet-friendly: car-sharing globally reduces parking pressure and car use, helping to combat pollution and climate change.
  • Reserved parking: cars are conveniently located in reserved places close to where you live or work.

Car-sharing has been successfully implemented in various European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and the UK. Why not in Cork?

A feasibility study in being carried out on behalf of Cork City Council and a public consultation stage is now on track to assess the potential market of such as service as well as to define the best locations of a car club in the city centre.


Tell us what you think!

If a car-sharing scheme is of any interest for you please take part in our on-line Cork Car-Sharing Club Survey.

For more information you will find here a copy of the car-sharing project leaflets:

Car-Sharing in Cork City - Presentation for Residents (PDF 552 KB)
Car-Sharing in Cork City - Presentation for Companies (PDF 648 KB)
"Calculate Your Car Costs" Tool (PDF 172 KB)
Cork Car-Sharing Club Survey Paper Version PDF (160 KB)

Also don’t hesitate to get in touch with Traffic Division to get more information or to give your opinion:

Noel Tummon, Traffic Division, Cork City Council
VHI Buildings, 70 South Mall, CORK
Tel: 021 492 4452

Or to discuss the Feasibility Study with our consultants please directly contact:

Richard Armitage, RATC
Oxford House, Smithy Fold Road, HYDE, Cheshire, SK14 5QY
Tel: +44 7973 538 556


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