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Homecoming Event and Civic Reception on Tuesday, 23rd May 2006 for Munster Rugby Team, Heineken Cup Winners/Clarification

With regard to the Homecoming Event and Civic Reception held last night (23/05/06) both on the streets of Cork and in the Millennium Hall, City Hall prior to the event, Cork City Council is happy to provide the following clarification:

The wonderful reception given by the people of Cork to the victorious team was the primary aim of last evening’s events. At short notice, and in close consultation with the Munster Rugby Association, Cork City Council organised a fitting thank you to the people of Cork for their loyal support. We would like to thank all involved in making this event such a resounding success including the members of the Garda Síochana, Emergency Services, the media and most importantly the general public.

At the request of the Munster Rugby Association, Cork City Council agreed that the Civic Reception to be held before the main event of the evening would be open to photographers but to allow the players some respite from being constantly in the public eye since the win, we agreed that television and print interviews would not be accommodated at this particular function. We did however, between City Hall and arriving onstage, accommodate the media with an opportunity to film the players and Lord Mayor at City Hall.

Cork City Council would like to refute any suggestion that the Council have "an appalling relationship" with the media as suggested in a radio programme this morning. Far from it, the gentlemen and ladies of the press have been outstanding in their coverage of City events on behalf of its citizens and are regularly in attendance at Council meetings, events, and receptions.

We would like to thank them for the quality of service they provide to the people of Cork.

Cork City Council was happy to facilitate the request from the Munster Rugby Association at last evening’s brief pre-celebration reception in the best interests of the Team.

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