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Cork City Council urges public support for National “Slow Down” day

Cork City Council called on the public to support An Garda Síochána’s National “Slow Down” Day – 7.00 hrs Friday 6th July to 7.00 hrs Saturday 7th July 2012. 

During this time An Garda Síochána will conduct a national speed enforcement operation “Slow Down”, supported by the Road Safety Authority, and other stakeholders such as the National Roads Authority, National Transport Authority, Health and Safety Authority, local authorities and major fleet operators, for a 24 hour period from 07.00 hrs on Friday 6th to 07.00 hrs on Saturday 7th July 2012. Based on collision data, Fridays and Saturdays have the highest proportion of fatal collisions and July and August tend to have the greatest number of fatal collisions month on month.

The objective of the initiative is to reduce the number of speed related collisions and therefore save lives and reduce injuries on our roads.  The aim of “Slow Down” is to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding, increase compliance with speed limits and act as a deterrent to driving at excessive and inappropriate speed.

The operation will consist of high visibility speed enforcement activities as well as the delivery of a road safety message through the use of national and local media.  In addition, Garda personnel will man display stands in key venues where personnel can provide road safety advice and distribute road safety leaflets.

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