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  Cork City Council is the first Local Authority to place Graduates through the Fás Graduate Work Placement Programme.  This programme has been deemed to be a great success mutually benefitting both the Participants and the Council .  Cork City Council continues to offer further placements to Graduates under the Fás Work Placement Programme following its successful introduction in June 2010.

The Council has recruited and is currently giving valuable work experience in relevant fields to 19 qualified Graduates.  It has approval to fill 25 such placements, which is the maximum number allowable through the Fás Work Placement Programme, and will reach that total in the coming months. 

The Council are providing placements in the areas of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Architecture, Environmental and Civil Technicians, Information Technology, Archaeology and Accountancy.  The participants are very positive about the benefits of the Work Placement Programme with Cork City Council. Their comments include:

“Cork City Council are very enthusiastic about the Work Placement Programme and are eager to ensure that the participants gain as much quality work experience and skills as possible from their time with Cork City Council.  Everything possible is being done by the Council to support and accommodate participants in their effort to gain employment while on the programme which has seen 3 Graduates secure paid employment so far. 

“The Council is very pleased to participate in the scheme and we all benefit from the inputs of Graduates” said City Manager Tim Lucey.     

The first intake of Graduates are due to complete their placements in June.  The Council will be advertising on the Fás website to provide more placements for Graduates shortly.

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