Variation (No. 8) Cork City Development Plan 2004

Variation 8 – Tall Buildings Policy

Notice is hereby given that Cork City Council has, in pursuance of the provisions of the above Act, made a Variation No. 8 of the Cork City Development Plan 2004 on the 14th July 2008.

A link to the adopted variation can be found below. Alternatively the document can be:

  • Inspected at the Planning Department, City Hall, Cork between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday exclusive of Bank Holidays; or
  • Purchased at a reasonable cost from the Planning Department at City Hall.

 Cork City Council has introduced a new tall buildings policy for Cork City which establishes a vision for the city’s skyline. The primary purpose of tall buildings from a civic perspective is to provide strategically important landmarks in the cityscape to signify the use of a building or the importance of a location in strategic views across the city or within major development areas. They are also designed to be intrinsically beautiful and of excellent design quality, and this is always a key part of their significance. County Hall and the Elysian Tower remain the two tallest storeyed buildings in Ireland.

 The new development policy provides a framework for assessing proposals for tall buildings. In particular, it:

  • Identifies where tall buildings will not be appropriate in principle;
  • Identifies areas of the city where tall buildings will be appropriate in principle; and
  • Provides guidance on the height of proposed tall buildings and relevant issues to be considered in assessing proposals for development.

The new planning policy creates opportunities for tall buildings in the major development areas at Docklands and South Mahon. In addition, the location of an additional tall building in North Blackpool will be identified through a local area plan for the area.

The major development areas are important resources for the future development of the city as they provide opportunities for new high quality urban environments that provide for the living, working and recreational needs of the city and its citizens. The City Council looks forward to the development of the tall buildings provided for in the development plan over the coming years, and to the enhancement of Cork’s skyline. This will result in Cork having a combined total of 10 tall buildings to provide strategic landmarks for the city, the majority of which will be within Docklands.


Variation No.8 Tall Buildings Policy(428KB)

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The City Council has completed a “screening” of the proposed variation and has made a decision (MO2733/2008) that an Environmental Assessment of the proposed strategic policy is not necessary. Please see attached PDF document for a full statement regarding this decision.


Variation No.8 SEA Statement(78KB)