Variation (No. 4) Cork City Development Plan 2004

Notice is hereby given that Cork City Council has, in pursuance of the provisions of the above Act, made a Variation No. 4 -Office Policy/Business and Technology to  the Cork City Development Plan 2004 on 24th September 2007.

A copy of the Variation of the Plan is available for inspection each day Monday to Friday exclusive of Bank Holidays, between the hours of 9.30am – 4.30pm (inclusive of lunch) at the Planning Department, City Hall, Cork.

A copy of the Variation of the plan is available for sale to the public at a cost of €5.00.

Variation No 4 - Office Policy/Business & Technology, City Development Plan 2004(107KB)

It is council policy to focus office development in the City Centre and Blackpool. This variation will allow development in the office sector due to strong growth in the office market. This will also compliment the major developments to take place in the Docklands in the coming years.