Variations of the Cork City Development Plan 2004

Cork City Council (the Planning Authority) may at any time, for stated reasons, decide to make a variation of the Cork City Development Plan 2004.

The procedure for the making of a variation is laid out in Section 13 of the Planning & Development Acts, 2000-2002.

Notice of any such variation is published in a daily newspaper and members of the public may view the proposal at the Public Counter, Planning Department, Navigation House, Albert Quay, Cork (Mon-Fri, 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., including lunch) and where appropriate, at a non-statutory location.

Members of the public have four weeks from the publication of the notice to submit an observation/submission on the proposed variation, any such submission/observation received will be taken into consideration before the making of the variation.

The making of a variation of the Development Plan is a reserved function and requires the adoption of a resolution by the City Council.

Before publishing a newspaper notice Cork City Council is required to prepare a Strategic Environmental Assessment screening report to determine if a Strategic Environmental Assessment is required, before finalising this report it is circulated for 3 weeks to prescribed organisations for their comment.

Further information on the relevant legislation and DoEHLG guidance is available from

A list of Variations to the Cork City Development Plan 2004 are available for view and download opposite.