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2016-2021 LECP ‌‌On 24 October 2016 the members of Cork City Council resolved to MAKE the Cork City Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021 “PURE CORK - An Action Plan for the City” in accordance with Section 66 C 4 (a) of the Local Government Act 2001 (as amended).  The LECP was developed over a two year period, involving the engagement of business, community and voluntary organisations, public agencies and social partners operating in the city.  The plan was also informed by two public consultations on the draft plan (in May/June  2016 and August/September 2016) in addition to initial consultations on the socio economic statement and high level goals underpinning the plan in in June/July 2015.

What’s The Plan About?

The Cork City Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) 2016 – 2021 sets out the objectives and actions which will guide the economic and community development of Cork City over the next six years.  These actions will be delivered by a range of economic and community development stakeholders.  The requirement to develop an LECP was introduced by the Local Government Reform Act 2014....

The Plan is an action driven plan and seeks to build on the structures, work and achievements of Cork 2012 – Imagine Our Future (Cork City Council, 2001) and the work of the former Cork City Development Board.  The Plan is built on 15 High Level Goals, supported by 96 objectives to be delivered through the implementation of 230 actions. 

The LECP is very much based on a multi-agency approach that will require both cross-sector input and ownership. Reflecting this, the consultation process to date has involved intense engagement with a wide and varied range of economic and community stakeholders at work in the City.


 Copies of the environmental reports can be downloaded here:


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