Shandon View

Marks, Set, Go …..

Get out and about and explore the newly developed Heritage Orienteering Course that has been developed in Shandon.

 Cork City Council have developed a new fun, outdoor activity for all the family. This is the first of a number of routes that will be developed in the City.

The aim of the orienteering course is to raise awareness and celebrate the historic areas of our city. The courses will highlight wonderful architectural features that can be seen on shopfronts, houses and civic buildings such as wrought iron railings, sash windows, intricate stone carvings, fanlights and many other features. By taking part, you can enjoy the historic urban landscape in a healthy and fun way.

 What is a Heritage Orienteering Course?

A heritage orienteering course consists of a series of permanent fixed checkpoints. These checkpoints are installed at or close to architectural features of interest. You can download a map with a series of clues which will help you to navigate from one checkpoint to the next.

How to Take Part: Shandon Heritage Orienteering Route

Click here to find out more about the Shandon Heritage Orienteering Course. This page will lead you to the downloadable map and clues that will help you to navigate through the streets of Shandon (an Architectural Conservation Area). By exploring the route, you will find yourself wandering through historic streets and lanes searching out everyday features that may date back hundreds of years. You will also find out some of the stories about the poeple who once lived and worked here.


This project was initiated by Cork City Council Conservation Office and was funded through the Cork City Heritage Plan with support from Cork City Council, the Heritage Council and Creative Ireland.