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Education & Research

Cork is a vibrant university city where opportunities to learn, develop and advance are supported by world class academic institutions.

Hosting over 33,000 students, Cork welcomes, nurtures and celebrates the success of its students. They make a critical contribution to the talent pipeline that is at the heart of innovation and competitiveness for the Cork Region and fuels Cork’s position as Ireland’s Second City.

Both University College Cork (UCC) and the Munster Technological University (MTU) place a high emphasis on research & development and innovation, providing impactful research outcomes and top-flight graduates for the growing number of overseas, high profile companies located in the region.
Research is firmly embedded in Cork’s DNA and is hosted in globally recognised research centres – the Tyndall National Institute (UCC) and the Nimbus Centre (MTU). The Region is also home to several research centres of excellence supported by Science Foundation Ireland.

In addition, strong research and educational links have been forged between the educational and research institutes and the four local hospitals and this has been consolidated further by the establishment of the Health Innovation Hub