Further Opportunities (Office of Government Procurement)

Cork City Council also uses Frameworks for Goods and Services set up and operated by the Office of Government Procurement where appropriate.

Further information can be found on the www.ogp.gov.ie or on www.supplygov.ie.

Cork City Council use Supplygov.ie to procure particular goods and services such as plant hire, minor building work and civil works for quotations and tender level spend.

Supplygov.ie (formerly LAQuotes.ie) is a procurement system which facilitates Local Authorities and other state agencies in procuring goods and services from Suppliers and Contractors. The website has been developed by the Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC) to streamline the procurement process of contracting authorities in respect of the operation of local authority led Category Councils for Plant Hire and Minor Building & Civil Works.

The LGOPC is responsible for the sectorial categories of spend through the development, implementation and management of all elements of the Category Councils of Plant Hire and Minor Building & Civil Works as established by the Office of Government Procurement.

Suppliers can register their supplier details on the www.supplygov.ie.