Culture Night - Brainwaves

PLANTS THAT CLEAN WATER: UNBE-LEAF-ABLE Want to know more? Visit BRAINWAVES at the outdoor stall on Culture Night and chat to the research scientists. This event is not specifically a children's event, but all ages welcome.

17 Sep 2021 16:30 - 19:00

Location: Old Cork Waterworks Experience

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Slurry and dirty water. Not much use, eh? Actually, there’s a plant that can feed on it. Native to Ireland, this miracle plant, Duckweed thrives on the surface of dark and dirty waters. It takes up pollutant nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorous, from water.

Working with local farmers and SMEs, BRAINWAVES at UCC takes a circular economy approach to sustainable agriculture. Using duckweed, our scientists are developing innovative systems to remediate farm waste & improve water quality in our local rivers, lakes and coastlines. Don’t forget to check out the BRAINWAVES website!