MTU Clean Technology Centre

The Clean Technology Centre (CTC) is an independent, not for profit organisation established within Cork Institute of Technology (now Munster Technological University, MTU Cork) founded in 1992. The integrity and reputation of CTC ensures its unbiased assessment of environmental issues.

The goal of the CTC is to move consumption and production patterns towards more preventive approaches, ensuring a carbon efficient society. CTC is neither a State Agency, nor a private consultancy but rather a national resource allowing all concerned with resource efficiency and sustainability to avail of a pool of expertise which is not aligned to industry, government nor any sectoral organisation. CTC and its staff have a long and distinguished record in, sustainability, environmental protection and resource efficiency in materials, energy and water since the centre was first founded.

CTC has delivered high-quality research outputs, original training programmes, as well as proven project management solutions for over 25 years to many different clients including public sector bodies, local authorities, semi-state organisations, business and industry, tourism and hospitality, the waste management industry and others, resulting in economic, social, health, safety and environmental benefits.