Green Spaces for Health

Green Spaces for Health is a city-wide, community led initiative supported by Cork Healthy Cities. We are an Eco Social Group; one of the most important aspects of our work is fostering a reverence for nature. When we reconnect with the natural world we reconnect with something deep within ourselves, this reconnection has profound benefits for our physical and mental health. We further recognise the transformative power of coming together with others to build a resilient, inclusive community. This informs all the work we do.

Through our work we maintain existing green spaces and seek out new greening opportunities. We extend our understanding of greening to encompass deep ecology, protecting biodiversity, creating new habitats, supporting green energy initiatives in our homes and businesses, recycling and up-cycling, harnessing permaculture principals, encouraging city dwellers to become citizen scientists, we record and map aspects of our natural world to help inform our future decisions and we collaborate with as many individuals and organisations as possible to realise a greener city.

Humans are intrinsically part of the natural world, not external to it. Let us open our eyes and see what is around us.