The development plan is an important strategy document for the City that:

  • Provides a vision for how Cork will be developed and improved with a strong focus on putting the right development in the right locations and ensuring that adequate infrastructure exists to serve it (e.g. transport);
  • Sets out the priorities for managing the city and investment in infrastructure over the plan period;
  • is a key reference-point in determining planning applications.

Plan Preparation

A new development plan must be prepared by Cork City Council every 6 years. The process of preparing the new plan formally began on the 22nd April 2013. A draft plan was prepared taking into account the key issues raised in submissions received during a pre-draft consultation phase held during 2013.

Following submissions on the Draft Plan amendments were sent out for further consultation before the Plan was finalised and adopted on the 23rd March 2015. The Plan came into effect on the 20th April 2015.

Goals of the Development Plan

The 7 main goals of the Development Plan are: