My Goodness Features in Cork's Evening Echo

It was great to see Donal & Virginia O' Gara of the English Market's My Goodness feature recently in Cork's Evening Echo.

The article, entitled My Goodness... It’s a Whole New Adventure for Cork Raw-Vegan Food Company explores the beginnings of My Goodness, and offers a fascinating insight into Donal and Virginia's commitment to offering healthy and sustainable produce. 

"...Cork’s beloved raw-vegan food company, My Goodness took over an old vegetable stall in the English Market, ironically in the heart of its meat district, almost two years ago. An unshakeable belief in their ethos and products has ensured this group of renegade producers have found their niche to become a beacon of delicious, vibrant and healthy food by all Corkonians, whatever your foodish disposition.

Everything that My Goodness does is alternative — not because they thrive on being the awkward vegans in the room, but because of their genuine belief that it is the right thing to challenge the status quo, and to strive to prove that there is always a better, healthier, ethical and sustainable way to live and be in business."


Full article available here.