Mary Elmes Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge (Harley Street Bridge)

Works Extent

Construction of the €5 million Mary Elmes Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge, linking the city centre and Victorian Quarter. The initial phase of work consisting of site set up and diversion of underground utilitites.  L & M Keating Contractors were awarded the contract for the construction of the bridge with the fabrication being carried out off site by Thompsons of Carlow between July 2018 and February 2019.  Bridge sections were transported by truck to the lower harbour for final assembly and finishing.  The finished superstructure was then placed on a barge and transported by river to the city centre.  The bridge was lifted by crane from the barge in one overnight operation which required the complete closure of both quays for the duration of the lift.


The need to improve north-south pedestrian and cyclist connectivity was first identified in the Cork City's Development Plan as far back as 2004.  The delivery of the bridge has been an objective of Cork City Council as it improves the pedestrian and cyclist linkage between the City Centre, MacCurtain Street, Kent Railway Station and the surrounding areas.  For further information please follow link: Mary Elmes Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge


Start: Construction commenced: July 2018.

Finish: Construction achieved Substantial Completion in July 2019. 

For further information please contact John Stapleton, Senior Engineer at email

Mary Ellmes pic 2
Bridge transportation via barge
Mary Elmes pic 3
Bridge lift