Grange Road Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Works Extent

Grange Road Bridge located approximately 4 kilometres south of Cork City on the R851, spans over the Grange Stream.  A composite structure, where the south side comprises of a masonry arch and the north side is constructed of precast concrete slabs and concrete abutments.

  • Repair scour damage to the south western approach wall;
  • Repoint abutments and undertake repair works to the masonry arch;
  • Place rock armour downstream of the north face of the structure to alleviate scouring;
  • Rebuild/repair damaged sections of masonry parapet.


  • Restore the overall structural integrity of the bridge.


Start: Construction commenced in June 2021.

Finish: Project completed in Q3 2021.

For further information please contact  Dan O'Sullivan, Senior Executive Engineer at email

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