Clash Road Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Clash Road Bridge is a single span masonry arch bridge located just south of the N40 approximately 11km west of Cork City.  It spans over the Curraheen River carrying vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the L2221 Clash Road which traverses over the N40 and links the Curraheen Road to the south with the Carrignarra Road to the north.  The structure comprised of a segmental-headed arch with limestone voussoirs, springing from limestone abutments, with high spandrels, head walls and wing walls.

Works Extent

  • Clean existing stonework and rebuild/repair damaged sections of masonry;
  • Repair/rebuild south-west wing wall;
  • Demolish eastern parapet wall;
  • Construct new parapet to eastern and western elevations and extend existing vehicle retention barrier;
  • Resurface bridge carriageway and approaches.


The objectives of the work are:

  • Restore the overall structural integrity of the bridge;
  • Improve road safety through the construction of new bridge parapets with extended vehicle retention barriers on the southern approach.


Start: Consultant appointed November 2021.

Finish: Anticipated completion dates

Completion of Design

April 2022

Contractor Appointment

June 2022

Works Completion

October 2022

For further information please contact  Dan O'Sullivan, Senior Executive Engineer at email

Clash Road Bridge pic 1 of
Clash Road Bridge located on L2221 near Curraheen Village

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