Curragh Road Scheme

Planning/Design Phase

Works Extent

Junction improvement works at the Curragh Road, Kinsale Road, Pearse Road, Green Lawn junction; and at the Tory Top Road, Pearse Road junction.


  • Improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, while providing for the efficient movement of vehicular traffic;
  • Enhanced accessibility for pedestrians to local shops and other services, as well as public transport;
  • Reduction in road widths to be traversed by pedestrians and provision of safer pedestrian crossing;
  • Upgraded cycling facilities in the area.


Start: Preliminary Design Phase Commenced Late 2020.

Finish: Part 8 Planning Process was successfully completed in June 2021. Detailed Design to follow. Construction to commence early 2022.

Curragh Road Scheme - R Sept pic 1

Curragh Road Scheme - R Sept pic 2