Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

About RAS

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) is a social housing support for those assessed as having a long-term housing need.  Applicants for the scheme must normally be in receipt of continuous rent supplement for a minimum period of 18 months.

The RAS Scheme for Cork City is administered by Cork City Council and is intended to provide an additional source of social housing in good quality rented accommodation for eligible persons.

How do I apply?

The RAS Section operates an appointments based system for applicants who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the tenant information leaflet and are interested in joining the scheme.

Applicants are asked where possible to:

Download and complete the RAS Tenant Application Form.

Send the completed application to RAS Applications, Rental Accommodation Scheme, Housing Directorate, City Hall, Cork.

If you would like us to send you an application by post, one can be requested using the contact information below.  Also, if you require assistance in completing your application this can be arranged by making contact to arrange an appointment.

Once a completed application is received from an applicant wishing to join the scheme, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to finalise your application. 

Contact Information

Rental Accommodation Scheme, Housing Directorate, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork, T12 T997.


Telephone: (021) 492 4000

(If you telephone and are put through to voicemail, please be sure to leave a message with contact information and we will get back to you)

If you own a property in Cork City which you are interested in making available under RAS, please contact (021) 492 4000. 

Please note all RAS tenancies are governed under the Residential Tenancies Acts 2004-2015.