Dreaming of a Green Christmas

We all want to enjoy the Festive Season.  Our tips, below, aim to ensure that you get to enjoy all of the festivities without harming the environment. 

Christmas is the time of the year that we waste most food and other materials such as batteries, paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and other types of packaging.

The typical Irish family wastes about €700 worth of food each year by simply buying too much. We can save time, money and help the environment by taking a few simple steps. By planning ahead, shopping smart and using leftovers, we can help make the Festive Season a green one.

Additionally, Christmas is a time when we generate lots of paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans and other packaging. We would urge people firstly to choose recycled goods and to put these materials in their recycling in a clean, dry and loose state.

Plan your Meals


One third of the food we buy gets wasted, costing about €700 for the average Irish family.

Why not save money and help the environment this Christmas by taking a few simple steps.

Plan your Christmas menu.

Decide what you are going to cook and how many people are coming to dinner.

Remember what food never gets eaten and always ends up in the bin.

Make a Shopping List


What ingredients do you need?

What is already in your kitchen cupboard or your freezer?

Make your grocery shopping list and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by special offers unless you need them.

Don’t buy too much “just in case”.

Remember the shops are only closed for two days!

Use your Leftovers


You have spent a lot of time and money to cook fabulous festive food.

Make sure that you store it properly.

Remember leftovers are the delicious ingredients for your next meal.

Check out this great recipe book from StopFoodWaste.ie.

Leftovers Recipes


St Stephen’s Day is our National Leftovers Day!

Store your leftovers properly and they'll last much longer.

Check out this great recipe book from StopFoodWaste.ie for ideas on using your Christmas leftovers.

Freeze Your Leftovers


 If you can’t use your leftovers the next day, make sure to preserve them for another day.

Turkey, ham and stuffing will be all the more delicious on a cold January day.

Reduce, Reuse or Recycle Your Packaging


Over Christmas, waste production peaks. The typical household generates about a third more waste than the rest of the year.

This is due to the large amount of packaging used for delivery of online shopping as well as the wrapping that we use.

Why not try to reduce waste by shopping local or by buying an experience or a subscription for your loved ones.

Remember to keep all packaging, cardboard, and cans clean, dry and loose and place them in your recycling bin.