Ballincollig Fire Station

Ballincollig Fire Station

On 31st May 2019 Ballincollig Fire Station became part of Cork City Fire Brigade as part of the boundary extension.

This is a 3 bay fire station, crewed on a part time (retained) basis, to the west side of Cork City on the Link Road, Ballincollig. It was obtained in 2019 by Cork City Council through the boundary extension and has accommodation for a single fire engine and a reserve fire engine. There is a total crew of 10 personnel; available on a part time (retained) basis, which respond to calls on receipt of an alert to their personnel pagers.


Number of vehicle bays: 

 3 single bays


1 Class B Fire Engine
1 Reserve Fire Engine  


The station has a drill yard with training tower, a breathing apparatus recovery and service room with a compressor for filling the breathing apparatus sets. There is also a full lecture room, computers, printers, a dining area with kitchen facilities, a changing/drying area and washing and rest room facilities on site.

Number of operational part time (retained)personnel:     



Ballincollig Fire Station