Mental Health

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put our mental health under more strain than before, with increased anxiety and loneliness. 

Here you can find details of resources, programmes and agencies located in Cork City that provide supports and help us cope during these unprecedented times. 

"Psyched" - Cork Healthy Cities

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Cork Healthy Cities initiative provides a wide range of support and information to grow awareness and has developed a number of tools to support health and wellbeing.  One initiative, "Psyched", developed as a programme in partnership with UCC, employers, the HSE and Cork City Council, has been particularly successful.

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You can find some of their downloadable leaflets here:

Cork City is a member of the WHO Healthy Cities global movement which aims to put health high on the social, economic and political agenda of city governments.


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Coiscéim, in addition to its usual counselling service, is offering a coordinated helpline for anyone who is experiencing anxiety, has underlying health issues and in self-isolation and for families whose loved ones are hospitalised or who have had a family member die from COVID-19.  This service has been shared widely by the Community Response teams.

SHEP/Coiscéim Cairde counselling is also providing a helpline to people living in Direct Provision Centres in Cork City and surrounding environs.


Cork City Age Friendly Programme

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Cork City Age Friendly Programme provides links to services and assistance - it promotes Age Action Care and Repair, national and local services through our 16 Area Response Teams and promotes the Friendly Call Service.

Cork City Age Friendly Programme City Database is used to reach out to members with both electronic and printed updates on practical initiatives, local and national as appropriate. There are twice weekly emails and postings that will continue for the foreseeable future. Regular contact is the aim of this initiative.

Physical mail drops to all houses on a regular basis are arranged through the Area Teams who can identify people suitable for the Age Friendly services.

They build links with An Post, communities and other stakeholders to maintain links with those who are cocooned or isolated.


Trauma Sensitive City

The Steering group from Trauma Sensitive City is working on a pack that will be sent to over 500 practitioners on our mailing list including schools, family support services, justice, youth services and many more. The pack will offer support to practitioners during this time to allow them to provide a trauma-informed approach to those they are working with as well as support them in reflecting and adjusting during these times. This is led by Cork City Council in partnership with Trauma Sensitive Cities Steering Group.

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare have produced a series of videos on their YouTube channel about minding your mental health in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  You can watch them here by clicking on the links.

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare YouTube Channel 

There are three cycles of videos:

5 ways over 5 days

  1. Understanding our emotions Why we have emotions and how we manage them even if we do not like them.
  2. Understanding our states of mind How we balance emotion and reason and find a wiser mind. 
  3. Daily Mindfulness How to be in the moment; the “what” and “how” of everyday practice.
  4. Relationship Mindfulness How to be mindful of others and protect your relationships.
  5. Coping with Distress Some crisis survival tips when things are not how you want them to be.

5 more ways over 5 days.

  1. Working with young children – featuring Ella Lovett, Principal Psychologist, Specialist in Child and Adolescent Health
  2. Working with Teenagers – featuring Anthony Kiernan, Senior Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Health 
  3. Working with Intellectual Disabilities – featuring Paul Duggan, Senior Psychologist, Mental Health and Intellectual Disability.
  4. Working with Older People – featuring Judy Wall, Senior Psychologist, Mental Health Services for Older People
  5. Advancing our Mindfulness Skills Practice  – featuring Coleen Cormack, Senior Psychologist, Adult Mental Health Services.

Mindfulness Practices

  1. Mindful Practice: Handwashing
  2. Mindful Practice: Forest Walk
  3. Mindful Practice: Breath
  4. Mindful Practice: Body
  5. Mindful Practice: Butterfly Hug

Plus, for health care workers, there is a video, Calmwith tips on how to manage emotional responses to unprecedented circumstances.