Funding Opportunities

Cork City Council invites applicants to apply for the Arts Grant Scheme 2020 by 4PM THURSDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2019

Arts Grant Scheme 2020

The Arts Grant is provided to a number of professional arts organisations, community and voluntary groups throughout the city. These grants provide direct revenue funding for groups in support of their core work. The Arts Committee makes recommendations on all applications and final decisions are made by the elected members of City Council.

The Arts in Context Award 2020

This award aims to provide opportunities for artists and community groups to work together to realise arts projects. This grant provides for either research/development support for a project, for the total cost of project realisation or to support project completion. This award supports projects that take place in community contexts such as; schools, hospitals, community care settings, youth clubs, prisons, community centre’s, clubs etc. Artists and the group must plan the project together.

The Individual Artists’ Bursary Award 2020

This award supports individual artist’s professional development through: 

• Further educational and/or training opportunities.
• Development opportunities in other countries.
• Opportunities to be professionally mentored.
• Opportunities to facilitate a significant shift in direction of work.

The Project Scheme 2020

This scheme provides direct funding for professional arts projects across all disciplines and funds research and development, as well as production funding for innovative projects. We aim to provide support to productions, exhibitions, commissions, publications, etc, through this scheme.

The Operational, Artistic and Strategic assessment criteria for each of the schemes is outlined on the application forms. Please see related files for the application forms.

Arts Grants 2020.pdf (size 781.9 KB)

Arts in Context 2020.pdf (size 691.8 KB)

Individual Artist Bursary 2020.pdf (size 553.1 KB)

Project Scheme 2020.pdf (size 719.1 KB)