Work to begin on Blackrock Station refurbishment


21st April 2021

As part of Cork City Council's ongoing greenway upgrade, works are being undertaken to refurbish Blackrock Station, which dates back to 1850 when it formed part of the Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway.

  • The lattice railway footbridge will be reinstated using the existing historic abutments, the old access ramp  and disused station platforms will be refurbished.
  • Other bridges and historical features along the route will be repaired and cleaned and the platforms  ‘greened’ with trees, fruit bushes and grasslands as well as seating.

From  April 22-27, initial works will begin on the eastern platform to enable these improvements. Every effort will be made to ensure full access along the greenway for pedestrians and cyclists during these works. 


The Blackrock-Mahon Greenway Improvement Scheme has been designed to:

(1) enhance this popular route due to increased usage by pedestrians and cyclists for recreation and commuting

(2) encourage and prioritise its ongoing development as a green living corridor with significant health and well-being benefits.


Its upgrading will benefit pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities and ensure better access to local communities and visitors. At present, people with disabilities cannot access the greenway between Pairc Ui Chaoimh and the Mater Private access point.


A key objective of Cork City Council was to minimise the impact on existing habitats during construction and the final scheme will further enhance the area’s ecological diversity. The green infrastructure design followed consultation with the public and was overseen by ecologists, tree specialists and landscapers.


Greenway users can look forward to:

  1. Environmental improvements:
  • New bat roosting boxes, bird nesting boxes and bee supporting habitats are to be created to enhance the existing biodiversity.
  • Soft landscaping works including significant new tree planting, fruit tree and shrub planting and wildflower meadow planting with native pollinator friendly species.
  • Rain gardens and rain water harvesting to be developed


  1. Improved access and information boards:
  • Nature friendly public lighting and CCTV so pedestrians and cyclists feel comfortable using this routeway after dark.
  • The widening of the existing paved walkway from 3m to 5m.
  • A new ramp will be built near Eden in Blackrock and the Marina and existing access ramps are being upgraded to ensure better access by surrounding communities.
  • Permanent interpretation boards will also be put in place so users can learn more about the surrounding ecology and heritage.
  • Increased seating areas and lookout points
  • Install water drinking points and new viewing areas
  • Specific play elements - particularly a giant game of Snakes and Ladders, gives  ‘permission to play’.


  1. Cultural heritage and conservation:
  • The Blackrock Road steel lattice railway footbridge will be reinstated, utilising the existing historic abutments, access ramps and disused railway platforms
  • The repair and cleaning of existing bridges, historical structures and features along the route.