Developing tourism opportunities for maker and creators


2nd March 2021

Cork City Council wants to develop tourism opportunities for the city’s makers and creators post-COVID as part of a European project it is participating in.

A tailored business development and mentoring programme is being designed for Cultural & Creative Industries (CCIs) across the city and county who have a potential interest in the tourism market. It will be rolled out later this year through LEO Cork City.  A one-hour workshop webinar is being held on Friday March 5 at1pm as part of Local Enterprise Week.  This will seek to open up channels – on the day or over the following weeks – for feedback and input from interested stakeholders to inform developing a support programme reflecting user perspectives and needs.

The event will explain Cork’s engagement with the project to date, including what inspiration has been drawn from European partners.  It will also explore issues, areas of potential and pitfalls and how tourism dividends can be harnessed by makers and creators.

As well as a panel discussion with contributions from Karina Killeen of Shandon Arts Studios amongst others, we will also hear from a local case study on marrying creativity with tourism, presented by Amy McKeogh, Director of the Design Pop festival.

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