Cork City Council hosts European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD)Conference

ECAD Conference brochure image

The 26th European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD) Mayors' Conference on ‘Pathways to Recovery’ will take place on Thursday and Friday, 13-14 June in the Imperial Hotel, Cork City.
Lord Mayor, Cllr. John Sheehan will welcome experts in the field of addiction and recovery services who will gather in Cork to discuss recovery and addiction.

The Lord Mayor, a general practitioner, said: “We are delighted to welcome this conference to Cork which is examining how local authorities and other state agencies can facilitate recovery among their citizens and how local authorities and how they can help citizens sustain a long term recovery”.

Professor of Population Health at Trinity College Dublin, Joe Barry will present on the formation of the Recovery Academy of Ireland. Professor of Criminology at Sheffield University, David Best will discuss the concept of Inclusive Cities and how to promote recovery in a city. Pauline McKeown CEO of Coolmine Recovery Services will close the keynote sessions by discussing what individuals and their families need to support recovery.

Professor Barry says that up to now, recovery has “been severely under-resourced in Ireland”. He detects a change in attitude however.

“Momentum is building to put recovery higher up the political agenda. The Recovery Academy of Ireland aims to develop an alliance of service users, professionals, allies and families – reaching out to members in all parts of Ireland,” he said.
Pauline McKeown, Chief Executive of Coolmine Therapeutic Community says: “Drug and alcohol support services need to meet the complex presenting needs of individuals and their families seeking treatment. Community supports and social integration are the positive reinforcers- this is what works in addition treatment. Individualised treatment and effective case management is critical “ she said.

Day 2 of the conference will involve site visits to:

· Cork Simon Community, (Gateway Project)
· Fellowship House, Tabor Group (Residential & Step Down Service) Site visit with a brief overview of Trauma Informed Care, ‘It’s no wonder’, by Dr AnnaMarie Naughton)
· Walking Tour of Cork (Frank Horgan & St Peter’s Vision Centre Staff Tour Guide).