Restoration works on Cork City's Concert Hall are due to complete

Restoration works on Cork City Council’s Concert Hall dance floor are due to finish by the end of August – just in time for the new season of Cork City Hall events.

The iconic Concert Hall was opened in 1936 and since that time has held a variety of concerts and hosted celebrated artists like Rory Gallagher and U2 alongside much-loved festivals like Cork Jazz Festival.

The original 1930’s dance floor is currently being fully restored following replacement of 157 broken springs in the underfloor structure.

It is believed that the floor was damaged in the 1980’s during an exhibition which overloaded and distorted the floor levels, resulting in broken springs and excessive deflection in the support structure. Attempts had been made in previous decades to repair the damaged areas by fitting wedges in place of the broken springs to level up the floor, but this failed to prevent the bounce that had developed in the centre of the Hall.

The City Architect explained that once the old floor finish was removed, evidence was revealed of the exceptional quality of the original construction; steel beams were laid across a line of 9 concrete plinths in the sub-floor, repeated 22 times along the length of the hall, with twin sprung flexible couplings at each joint

The project was managed by City Architects in collaboration with the Facilities and Works sections of Cork City Council.

Cork City concert hall flooring