Cork City Council is proud to support national ‘Make Way Day 2021'.


24th September 2021

Cork City Council is proud to support national ‘Make Way Day 2021'.This annual campaign aims to highlight the accessibility issues facing individuals with disabilities as they use the streets.

Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Colm Kelleher said: ‘“Make Way Day focuses on individual responsibility, on looking at what we can all do immediately to help our fellow citizens get from A to B, a very basic right. We in Cork City Council are happy to work with DFI and supporting the roll out of Make Way Day across Cork City.”

The campaign organisers the Disability Federation of Ireland, DFI, have developed an online test that campaigners can use to test and rate their local area or 5k.

The backbone of this campaign are people with disabilities. This online test empowers them to survey their area for obstacles and rate its accessibility. It will once again give them the chance to share their frustrations by posting photos of obstacles to social platforms with the hashtag, #MakeWayDay21 The test will be available at on Friday the 24th of September, It is easy to use and download to a phone and will be circulated widely on the campaign’s social media platforms.