Competitive Dialogue Process to deliver social & affordable housing launched


Cork City Council is seeking expressions of interest from candidates such as landowners, developers, and builders to participate in a public procurement competition to deliver social, affordable homes in Cork City across all types ranging from houses to apartments and across all tenures in the jurisdiction of the City Council.

The Council is interested in identifying and exploring innovative housing solutions and opportunities currently not known to the Council and entering a Competitive Dialogue process with selected Candidates to deliver solutions that satisfy the Council’s requirements, all as part of a public procurement procedure. Cork City Council has delivered multiple award-winning housing solutions and provided much needed homes in the past four years using this process and it is now expanding its trawl to include affordable homes.

With an extended City and a rising population, Cork City Council has strong demand for homes in the coming years and the Council proposes to deliver an expanded programme of social, affordable, and mixed tenure schemes. Affordable or mixed tenure schemes may now include provision for cost rental delivery in partnership with an Approved Housing Body. Scheme proposals may include schemes or parts of larger schemes and include new buildings with or without current planning permission, and innovative conversion of existing residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. In circumstances deemed suitable to provide a solution that satisfies the Council’s requirements under the procurement process, it may use the Part 8 planning provision subject to the Members approval.

The Council Invitation for Expressions of Interest to Participate in the ‘Social and Affordable Housing Competitive Dialogue’ can be found on E-Tenders ( )and the closing date for submission is the 7th April 2021.