"Unlocking Upstairs" event to explore inner city living possiblities

Why are so many upper floors in the city centre vacant during a housing crisis?  Fully occupied buildings, lively streets and thriving inner city businesses is the urban ideal.  What is preventing us getting there? 

Unlocking Upstairs poster art

Data collected by Cork City Council suggests that there are some 260 buildings in Cork City with a total of 423 vacant or under-utilised upper floors.  The majority of these are located in the “heart of the city”, where 140 vacant upper floors were identified – this could potentially create up to 400 new homes, right in the city centre.

Cork City Council have put together a seminar to examine the reasons for urban vacancy and explore possible solutions.  Experts in the field of building control, fire regulations, disability access, architecture, housing, planning, economics and development will deliver up to date information to help us address the problem of vacant, unused spaces in our city and town centres.

The event is a must for building owners, auctioneers, architects, engineers, developers, planners and anyone with an interest in how we can better utilise upper floors and vacant spaces.

The event will be held at the Nano Nagle Centre, Douglas Street on March 21st.  Tickets and list of speakers can be found on Eventbrite here.