Cork Community Art Link

Online from March 13

A Tale of Cork

Cork Community Art Link are well known to parade watchers in Cork, bringing us some of the largest and most exciting parade pieces every year. For 2021, CCAL reflected on the legends around a famous goddess of Munster – Clíodhna – to plan an installation for Cork City centre.

Myths and legends play a significant role in Irish culture. Clíodhna is said to be patron of Cork , queen of the banshees and goddess of love and beauty. Part of her story tells us that she had 3 brightly-coloured birds whose sweet songs soothe and heal the sick.

It is hoped to place this work in Bishop Lucey Park in the near future, when we can all visit to enjoy it.

In the meantime, visit the work online – Cork Community Art Link host a gallery of images online from the 13th of March, including the process of creation of Clíodhna’s birds. This will be accompanied by crowd-sourced audio submissions from the public, worked into an audio feature which will blend natural birdsong with voices reciting poetry relevant to them in these testing times.

Experience this gallery 

Cork Community Artlink have brought all three of the goddess Cliodhna’s songbirds to life but due in order to maintain everyone’s safety, they won’t be installed in a Bishop Lucy Park until later this year. However in the meantime, a ‘song’ has been composed from the incredible collection of recordings submitted by members of the public. This song will be released on the CCAL website as part of the Cork St Patrick’s Day Festival, to let everyone know the birds are on their way. On the website you can also grab a sneak preview of these beautiful birds.

‘Little Bird Babble’ artist Rachel Doolin also invites you to create your own EARTHBIRD from garden materials. in response to Clíodhna's birds. Have fun creating fantastical bird designs that will delight passersby with their healing symbol of hope. See our Video Workshops page


Commissioned by Cork City Council