Unearthed-Discovering Cork; The City of Trades & Cultures

-Ongoing (from Feb 2020)



In light of the recent important excavations on South Main Street that have greatly increased our knowledge and understanding of the foundation and early development of Cork City, Cork Public Museum felt it is an ideal opportunity to refurbish and update our permanent archaeological exhibits.

Since the 1970s, urban archaeological excavation and research has opened up medieval Cork to contemporary audiences in ways not previously possible. Through numerous important archaeological excavations, the understanding of the origins of our city and the lives of its inhabitants are clearer today than ever before. Therefore, Cork Public Museum seeks to bring our city’s past to life through the lens of the latest archaeological insights, observations and artefacts combined with up to date historical research and knowledge.


The new exhibition will focus on the themes of Trade & Commerce and City of Cultures, utilising various media, including original excavated objects, graphic panels, illustrations, audio/visual and low-budget interactives to enrich the visitor experience and reveal stories of Cork city and its earliest inhabitants.


One of the museum’s strongest assets is our archaeological collection, acquired from four decades of excavations in the city. These objects give glimpses into the everyday life and culture of Cork’s earliest inhabitants, and an insight into how they connected with the outside world. They show how the city grew from a marshy backwater to an important trading and commercial centre.


This project is funded by Fáilte Ireland, Ireland’s Ancient East and Cork City Council.